For Appointment Requests, Contact 713-963-9988

For Appointment Requests, Contact 713-963-9988

An Experienced Natural Resources Law Firm

Gaston & Thanheiser, P.C. develops business-oriented strategies for every step of resource development from land rights and exploration issues to development contracts.

Oil And Gas Law Representation Throughout Texas

Creating The Legal Foundation For Texas’s Oil And Gas Industry

Texas oil fields and natural gas resources have helped turn America into a leading energy producer worldwide. In an industry so large, the legal infrastructure is as important as the physical. By creating resilient, enforceable and efficient legal agreements, Gaston & Thanheiser, P.C. facilitates energy independence and business growth across Texas and the nation.

Gaston & Thanheiser, P.C., takes pride in creating effective legal solutions for businesses. The firm works exclusively in oil, gas and mineral law, so your company will get the attention and specialized care that it deserves.


A Comprehensive Approach To Oil And Gas Law

In more than 40 years of service in Texas, the firm has been counsel for landowners and corporations looking for assistance with resource development. Gaston & Thanheiser, P.C., understands the complexities of land rights and exploration regulations in Texas and can provide personal assistance as you pursue drilling opportunities.

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